The Climate Change Breakdown

The so called “global warming debate” is all over the media. Most of them outlining the gloom and doom of mankind if we won’t manage to keep the average temperature at a certain level. A totally ludicrous statement, as if man could keep the atmosphere’s temperature between certain levels. Nature is a bit mightier than us. Anyways, there are hardly any news outlet that report on the scientists (see who claim that there is no such thing like anthropogenic global warming. By the way, these are not merely claims, they are supported by the laws of Physics. As a matter of fact the “global warming” theory contradicts the laws of physics. In particular, a body cannot heat itself up with its own heat radiation. The Heidelberg appeal, which includes also many Nobel laureates, is never mentioned by any main-stream media, when talking about “global warming”. Thus defying the claim that it is a statement of some crazy “global warming deniers”. Another proof that the global warming theory is wrong is the US submarine Skate, which surfaced at the north pole at the end of the winter 1959. So how come these are the hottest decades ever? Was 1959 a hot year, whatever that may mean? Melting ice on the poles of the earth has not much to do with warmer weather, rather than warmer ocean temperatures. A while ago ( a few thousand years?) both poles were ice-free as was proven by H. J. Zillmer. The Piri Reis map from 1513 shows antarctica correctly, of course ice free. Back to the submarine Skate. Right now it is impossible to conduct a surfacing manoeuvre at the north pole in summer due to the thick ice. The Antarctica should have been ice-free by 2013, according to Mr. Gore. Instead, the ice increased by 50%.
The two scientists Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick proved the IPCC’s hockey-stick graph to be a falsification by checking on IPCC’s data. They found out after having received the IPCC’s ‘original’ data that IPCC introduced some fake data in their computer models . See the scientists’ paper, a pdf document and their investigation of the Mann et al. global warming contribution. Another scientist who thought about it is R. M. Carter, see his paper The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate Change. Those are hard facts i.e. a rigorous proof that global warming is a hoax. It is not a belief that that global warming is a hoax, it is a fact. There’s nothing left to debate. End of story, full stop.
If you want to see another paper from refuting the dangers of climate change.
As you can see, the debate in the medias is conducted entirely ideologically not factually or scientifically.